Graduate Students

Doctor of Philosophy

Ashley A. Dineen, Ph.D., 2015: Functional diversity of regional marine paleocommunities after the Permo-Triassic mass extinction: Case studies from Panthalassa and Paleo-Tethys.

  • Ashley is currently a Postdoctoral Research at the California Academy of Sciences with Dr. Peter Roopnarine.
  • See the Research page for her published and in press manuscripts.


Lindsey C. Henry, Ph.D., 2013, co-advised with Dr. John IsbellLate Paleozoic Glaciation and Ice Sheet Collapse Over Western and Eastern Gondwana: Sedimentology and Straigraphy of Glacial to Post-Glacial Strata in Western Argentina and Tasmania, Australia.

  • Lindsey is currently a Geologist with BP in Houston, Texas, USA.

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Master of Science

Kate Gigstad, M.S., expected 2018: High Paleo-Latitude Paleoecology of Patagonia during the Late Paleozoic Ice Age.

Nicole L. Braun, M.S., 2015: Paleoecology of Glacial and Nonglacial Carboniferous Marine Faunas During the Late Paleozoic Ice Age in the Pampa de Tepuel Formation, Patagonia.

  • See the Research page for her published and in press manuscripts.


Erin Wagner, M.S., 2015: Microbially Induced Sedimentary Structures as an Ecological Niche in Subtidal Early Triassic Environments of Eastern Panthalassa.

Jenna J. Rolle, 2014: Paleoecological Recovery of Early Triassic Echinoids: A Test of the Habitable Zone Hypothesis with members of the Modern Fauna.

Kathryn N. Pauls, 2014, co-advised with Dr. John IsbellSedimentology and Paleoecology of Fossil-Bearing, High-Latitude Marine and Glacially Influenced Deposits in the Tepuel Basin, Patagonia, Argentina.

  • Kate is a Ph.D. student at UW-Milwaukee with Dr. John Isbell.
  • See the Research page for her published and in press manuscripts.

Scott N. Schaefer, 2012: Distribution of Early Triassic Rhynchonelliform Brachiopods in the Dinwoody Basin of the Western United States: A Test of the Habitable Zone Hypothesis.

  • Scott is a Digital Author with McGraw Hill Higher Education, and an Instructor at UW-Milwaukee and Milwaukee Area Technical College.


Ashley A. Dineen, 2010: Regional Paleoecology of Near-Field Marine Faunas During the Late Paleozoic Ice Age, Western Argentina.

Visiting Students

Yunfei Huang, Ph.D.,  2014: China University of Geosciences, Bivalves Following the Permo-Triassic Mass Extinction. Ph.D. candidate 2012-2013.

  • Yunfei is an Assistant Professor at Yangtze University, Hubei, ChinaIMG_0010 copy